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Sep 4 2016

Chell's Jennie WormPopular Contributor: mikechell

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Classification: Freshwater
Category: All Purpose Subsurface
Bugs & Baits: Worms
Fish: All Purpose Panfish
Recipe viewed 7958 times. Recipe ID: 987656026

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Chell's Jennie Worm

Appropriate size for what you're chasing. Size 12 Daiichi straight shank
Sewing threads in contrasting color and matching color
nylon cord or embroidery thread. May be colored, or white colored with Sharpie.
Contrasting thread
matching color thread
shiny fiber, preferable of contrasting color or "hot spot" color

 The name is a bit of a joke on the Wife.  It's tied in her favorite colors.

I've always liked the San Juan Worm, but hated the part that extends forward over the hook eye.  So, this is a simple little version tied without that.  

As I've tied it, it will sink, very slowly.  This is perfect for the shallower water I fish in Florida.