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Oct 28 2015

Chell's KatydidPopular Contributor: mikechell

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Classification: Freshwater
Category: All Purpose Foam Surface Terrestrial
Bugs & Baits: Cricket Hopper
Fish: All Purpose Bass Panfish
Color(s): Green Green, Insect
Recipe viewed 15009 times. Recipe ID: 987656017

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Chell's Katydid

straight shank size 12, but any size can be used
It doesn't show, just needs to hold and be a glue base
Mayfly tail from FlyTiersDungeon (FTD). Any thin mayfly tail material
on a size 12 hook ... 1mm foam sheet
opposite end of the rear rubber leg
rubber leg material ... mine if from an old bungee cord.
ovipositor ... I used H2O flash from FTD. just provide a little flash and profile
Sharpie pens for colors

 Trying to mimic all the little green katydids I see.  Prep is a little bit of work, but the tie is very easy.