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Jul 15 2008

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Polaris Bluegill

Mustad 37187 size 10-1/0 to match species size
White Gudebrod Kevlar 3/0
Polaris N.E.W. fiber. Pearlecent, colored with markers to match species
stick-on Holographic Eyes
Optional-shank can be weighted with lead wire or Uni-Wire

This is one of the most innovative techniques, and materials available. The N.E.W. material is available from Polaris Flies. The free videos explain how to use a regular heat gun to shape the fly.

This pattern can be colored to match any deep-bodied baitfish, from shad and bluegill to porgies, menhaden, etc... You can use less N.E>W. material to make a more streamlined body profile, then color it to match any minnow, fresh or saftwater. This material takes Prismacolor Markers extremely well. Just remember to color the fly AFTER you have 'cooked' it.

You simply tie a clump of N.E.W. on the bottom of the shank, then another on top. 'Cook it with a heat gun to shape, trim with scissors to final detail, then color to match the species. Add some stick-on eyes and....thats it! I've tied this one as a bluegill for an example.

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  • By: Green Drake
  • Date: 12/29/09
Polaris Bluegill

From one Submariner to another, 4.0! Is that an A-I or A-2 Polaris?