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Feb 26 2010

Steve Schweitzer

Steve Schweitzer

Steve is a regular presenter and tyer at flyshops and clubs throughout the country. His Tabou series of wet flies, particularly the Tabou Caddis Emerger, are favorite go-to flies for local shops and guides. His designs include: Tabou Daddy, Steve’s Flimsy Damsel, and Spun-Bunny Muddler. Steve has a long association with Whiting Farms having served as VP of Sales and currently on the Farm’s Board of Directors and is a co-founder of Globalflyfisher.com. His Hyper-Compleat Guide to Tying Leaders on Globalflyfisher.com has surpassed 1/4 million downloads and is the most comprehensive guide on tying leaders available. He launched flyfishingrmnp.com, a comprehensive website on fly fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Steve is the creator of popular Whiting products such as the Whiting Hackle Gauge, Bird Fur and Whiting’s Variety Pack. Steve is active in Trout Unlimited having served as president of the Lee Wulff Chapter and treasurer of the Illinois Council. Steve has authored articles appearing in Angling Trade, Fly Fisherman, Trout, Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition and other publications. Steve is a contributing author and illustrator for “Drag Free Drift – Presentation Techniques for Fly Fishing” and has patterns in books by Chris Mann, John Shewey, FFF Masters, Rick Takahashi and others. He has won world competitions with his salmon fly tying skills and is a Pro-Team member for PEAK and Whiting Farms.



  • Uploaded: Feb 22, 2010
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Para-Hackle Emerger

Above PictureA pair of Para-Hackle Emergers. Endless variations exist just by changing the hook thickness (for extra sink), the color of the thread, t ...

  • Uploaded: Feb 22, 2010
  • Viewed: 3226 times.
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Polar Perch

I've been tinkering around at the tying bench focusing my efforts on tying flies for warm water lake fishing. I've sampled the bellies of several trou ...

  • Uploaded: Feb 26, 2010
  • Viewed: 4399 times.
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Tabou Daddy

Soft Hackle & Chick-a-bou Crazy I'm at it again. I just can't stay away from those chick-a-bou feathers. I look at them and wonder what I can come up ...

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