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Jan 30 2012

Fly Tyer Support

This is a "FREE to use" site.
When I started this website almost four years ago I stated that I would never offer the content as a subscription or charge for the use of the site. I stand by that today. I never will.

Would you consider Helping?

With the relaunch the website has become increasingly popular, seeing a significant traffic increase. This increase is not being handled well by my shared host service, resulting in slow loading times and actual outages, and I am working to move the service to a new host. As you have noticed when I relaunched the site as you see it today, I began to accept paid advertising which is going to help.

However, it is an expensive endeavor in both my personal time and resources as well as the monthly cost of hosting. To support these expenses I am providing you, the fly tyer, a means to help. This is completely voluntary. If you would like to help, please use the donation button below.