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Jul 31 2011

Tyler Legg

Tyler Legg

Tyler is an an avid (addicted) fly fisherman and tyer from North Carolina. Living in NC, he has explored and fished waters in almost every county in the western part of the state. Fishing small streams for small, but vibrantly colored wild brook trout is his specialty. As an avid fly tyer, both commercially and non commercially, he has created patterns that have caught fish throughout the country.

While studying meteorology at UNC Asheville, Tyler will further pursue his passion as a guide. His ultimate goal is to pass his love of the sport to others.

Be sure to check out his blogs, Tar Heel Fly Fishing and Carolina Fly Tying



  • Uploaded: Jul 26, 2011
  • Viewed: 3536 times.
  • Instructions: No

Legg's Extended Body Inchworm

The Extended Body Inchworm floats like a cork and can withstand abuse from a large trout's teeth. It's a perfect small stream fly, where fish usuall ...

  • Uploaded: Jul 26, 2011
  • Viewed: 3009 times.
  • Instructions: No

Legg's Hydropsyche Caddis Larvae

A semi-realistic caddis pattern, this Hydropsyche Caddis Larvae imitation is excellent on rivers where Hydropsyche Caddis thrive. Dead drift it, but d ...

  • Uploaded: Jul 26, 2011
  • Viewed: 2362 times.
  • Instructions: No

Legg's Inch Caddis

About 90% of a trout's diet consists of food it finds below the water's surface. At times a nymph is better than a dry. The Inch Caddis has duel pur ...

  • Uploaded: Aug 10, 2011
  • Viewed: 2909 times.
  • Instructions: No

Legg's Vinyl Rib Stone

The Vinyl Rib Stone was created in November of 2009. It imitates a Giant Stonefly Nymph down to the last detail. The buoyancy of the 2mm foam wingca ...

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